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Bubble tea from Happy Lemon in Manchester
Bubble tea from Happy Lemon in Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

Happy Lemon


Happy Lemon have been happily supplying the world with authentic boba drinks and sweet snacks since 2006. They’ve branches across the globe, including in Shanghai and Hong Kong. You’ll find Happy Lemon Manchester in the middle of Portland Street, just a short walk away from St Peter’s Square.

Signature drinks include the ‘Rock Salted Cheese’ range which uses a creamy cheese mixed with rock salt. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

As the name would suggest, Happy Lemon also specialises in fresh lemon drinks and lemon smoothies, as well as lemon-flavoured desserts.

Those feeling adventurous can try a soft floss cube cake. This dessert combines savoury and sweet by topping soufflé-style cube cakes with traditional shredded pork floss.

Happy Lemon, 84 Portland St, Manchester M1 4GX, UK
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