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Bhaji Pala Breakfast at Bhaji Pala Restaurant Gatley manchester
Bhaji Pala Breakfast at Bhaji Pala Restaurant Gatley manchester
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Bhaji Pala

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Bhaji Pala is a vegan restaurant, bringing customers the food of Western India. The Indian subcontinent has a long tradition of vegetarian food, vegan not so much. But who needs paneer when you’ve got tandoori pineapple?

The restaurant bills itself as the only purely vegan Indian restaurant in Greater Manchester, which could account for the crowds. Booking is most definitely advised.

The most successful dishes are the ones which showcase vegetables and pulses in all their glory and variety. After all, the name loosely translates as green veggies and herbs. Whether you’re vegan or not, that’s a pretty tempting offer and one that’s healthy too.

Start off with favourites like broccoli Manchurian from the Indo-Chinese part of the menu, or street food like palak chaat, a tangy surprise or a dish, served on fried spinach leaves.

Mains are equally appetising, with offerings like a dry beetroot curry tempered with green chillies or dudhi chana, a speciality made from snake gourd and chick peas.

Puddings are very good, with almond milk adding a beautiful flavour to dishes like ghavachi kheer.

In fact, unless you’re a really committed carnivore, you won’t miss the meat at all.

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