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Bombay to Mumbai, Bramhall, restaurant interior
Bombay to Mumbai, Bramhall, restaurant interior
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Bombay to Mumbai

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

The philosophy behind Bombay to Mumbai is simple: they want you to feel like a friend. It’s there in the nothing-is-too-much-trouble service but mainly it’s there in the food. It’s Indian home-cooking. Not restaurant food, but the sort of food you’d find on the streets and on dinner tables all over Mumbai.

You may think that sounds a bit ordinary but what makes it extraordinary is the care that goes into each dish (no one-size-fits-all curry base here) and the fact that many of the items on the menu are not something you see every day. This is authenticity worn lightly and easily, not shouted about, just cooked the way it’s always been cooked.

On the menu you’ll find starters from the tandoor like murgh malai tikka and Bombay to Mumbai specials like sindhi dal pakwan, all slow-cooked lentils with the sour zing of dried mango powder and crisp deep-fried bread for scooping.

There is also a good selection of Indo-Chinese starters and street food too. The sweetcorn bhaji tossed with Indo-Chinese sauces is a delight.

The main courses include dishes like a ferocious coconutty staff curry, lai bhari – a spicy sweet and sour blend of peanut, tamarind and jaggery and veggie and vegan options aplenty. The paneer and potato koftas in a rich sauce are a good bet.

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