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Bill’s Liverpool

Restaurant - European

Bill’s began life as a quirky East Sussex market cafe before transmorphing into a crowd-pleasing chain and colonising city centres all over the land. Bill’s Liverpool follows the company formula to the letter: eclectic, homespun decor,  generous portions, well-trained serving staff, and a menu that brings together brunch dishes, comfort food classics, and wholesome, seasonal options that hark back to Bill’s origins selling fruit and veg.

It’s popular with families – there’s a well thought-out and sensibly priced kid’s menu plus indulgent dessert options such as warm strawberry doughnuts that’ll appeal to teenage tastes. For everyone else, the breakfast dishes and the burger menu are generally considered the best parts of the offering.

As with most chains, the charm of the original has been diluted along the way but Bill’s Liverpool is still a decent option for a shopping trip stop-off.

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