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Pokusevski's, Heaton Moor, restaurant interior
Pokusevski's, Heaton Moor, restaurant interior
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Heaton Moor


Restaurant - European

Pokusevski’s has it all. Literally. From the Victorian stained glass windows, the art deco lamps and the Moroccan knick-knacks to the food which is big, bountiful and a bit of everything. Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, it’s all here. Minimalism is not on the menu.

Dishes are home-cooking at its best, with the whole team bringing ideas to the table. The globe-trotting nature of the menu is an honest and authentic representation of the skills and the staff in the kitchen rather than a cynical people-pleasing ploy. The difference shows in every mouthful.

Flavours are bold and food is wholesome but not in a holier than thou way, just in a way that makes you feel good. Taste is never sacrificed. Expect dishes like citrus spiced salmon, Greek spinach and feta pie or harissa chicken with olives and couscous.

Pokusevski’s is an all-day affair with mightily good cakes and coffee filling the gaps between mealtimes. Breakfasts range from sausage sarnies to shakshuka to bagels with scrambled eggs and salmon gravlax whilst lunch is predominantly sandwiches and salads with a few mains for good measure. That limited description belies the generosity and vibrancy of the salads – roasted sweet potato, chargrilled broccoli, confit tomatoes, bulghur wheat and caramelised caramelised onion are just a few of the ingredients you might find on any given day.

At Pokusevski’s more is always more. That’s what hospitality is all about.

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