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Bistro Noir

Restaurant - Global

Don’t let the French name mislead you – Lark Lane’s Bistro Noir doesn’t limit its food offering to just one country, or even one continent. 

World food says the sign, vaguely. And the menu reflects the description, taking in pasta, paella, burgers, fry-ups, stir fries, Sunday roasts, and curries. Nothing particularly French then, though they sometimes do North African terrines, which may have been the original inspiration for the name. 

Alarm bells ring when a kitchen covers this many cuisines. But whether it’s the price (the set menus in particular are a bargain) or the homely cooking style (it’s known for its fresh produce and family recipes) Bistro Noir has a lot of fans.

The decor has a Gallic flavour even if the food doesn’t. Think market square bistro in a small French town: red and white checked table cloths, dark wooden chairs, and pavement tables under the awning at the front.

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Bistro Noir, Lark Lane, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 728 9826 www.bistronoir.co.uk/index.html
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