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Lark Lane

The Green Man


The Green Man pub opened on Lark Lane in December 2022, just in time for Christmas (and the World Cup). It replaced the vegan and veggie favourite The Ink in the Well, and in doing so, stopped being a foodie pub and became a ‘pubby’ pub instead.

Not that anyone is complaining. The Green Man’s version of a pub is the kind many of us will love: wood-burning stoves, real ales, dogs, dominoes, and football on the telly. The food nowadays is just crisps, olives, nuts and pies; the best accompaniment to a pint we know of. Let the many other places on Lark Lane take care of those looking for three-course dining.

There’s a small beer garden out the back, and a terrace at the front. It’s so cosy inside though, with its flickering candles, wood panelling¬† and exposed beams, you’ll probably want to settle indoors, even on the sunniest day.

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