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platter from chakaklaka, northern quarter manchester
platter from chakaklaka, northern quarter manchester
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Northern Quarter


Restaurant - African

Chakalaka is a South African bar and kitchen in Manchester’s NQ. The food is relaxed, offering everything from quick snacks with a beer to more substantial fare.

There aren’t many opportunities to get a taste for South African flavours in the North but Chakalaka has it all, from bangers and pap to bunny chow. The majority of drinks are also South African with decent wines, interesting soft drinks and some downright inspired cocktails. The rooibos marteani deserves a special mention.

From round toasties called Jaffles to sosatie, a sort of warmly-seasoned take on pork and beef kebabs, cooked on a skewer, there is plenty to discover at Chakalaka. For one thing, no rabbits are harmed in the making of bunny chow. It’s a hollowed out bread loaf filled with a choice of house curry.

Although quite a meaty menu, there are good choices for vegetarians and vegans too with sweet chilli bites, vegan Jaffles and potato and chickpea bunny chow all hitting the spot.

The dishes are good drinking food – easy-going, good to eat with friends and hefty enough to ward off the worst of your excesses. And it’s served till late so you’ve no excuse for drinking on an empty stomach.

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