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Chinatown (Liverpool)

Chamber 36 Liverpool

Restaurant - Pan Asian

Within spitting distance of the Chinese Arch of Europe’s oldest China Town, the original Chamber 36 serves specialities from across East Asia, along with Japanese whiskeys, imported Asahi, Chang and Tsing Tao beers, sakés and carefully crafted cocktails. Oh, and tea.

Taking its name from the point of inner harmony and peace discovered by a Shaolin monk, you’re invited to relax and “find your unity at Chamber 36” among the contemporary booths and banquettes. The chefs have cherry-picked the best dishes from the East, presenting them as small plates to share in a modern tapas style or as main dishes, to enjoy just for yourself. There’s traditional Chinese dim sum, including dumplings – salt and pepper siu mai, steamed edamame gyoza and Cantonese wor tip, aka potstickers – prawn toasts and aromatic duck pancakes. Vietnamese spring rolls are here, along with Korean chicken skewers and a kimchi dressing, which accompanies the roasted cauliflower. Originally Chinese, steamed bao buns can be found in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, and various flavours are represented. There’s Indonesian nasi goreng – a fried rice dish with prawns and chicken, topped with a whole egg – and Japanese pan-fried sticky teriyaki salmon. Thai dishes include curries and spicy hot and sour chicken tom yum soup, steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion, and classic pad Thai with fried rice noodles in broth.

If you find yourself flummoxed, there’s a choice of platters – meat or vegan – and a lunchtime set menu to help, and there’s even cocktail or wine pairing suggestions if the extensive range of drinks tips you further over the edge.

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