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Tiger Rock Renshaw Street

Restaurant - Pan Asian

Tiger Rock Renshaw Street is the newest and biggest of the Liverpool Pan-Asian street hawker venues.

As well as a range of casual classics from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, you can enjoy some fantastic cocktails in a separate bar area (bellinis are a speciality) plus the usual wines, beers and softs.

It’s a sociable place and the small plates are ideal for sharing with friends. Two or three per person with some coconut rice works out about right.

There’s a mix of popular South East Asian favourites like duck spring rolls and Singaporean laksa as well as lesser known dishes like grilled scallops with asparagus and a top notch barbecued pork dish from Laos.

The food is vibrant and confident – we love the Thai steak salad with a side of sticky rice, and the chilli garlic ribs too.

It’s not posh – it’s slurpy, saucy and utterly delicious. Just like proper street food should be.

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