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cork of the north heaton moor wine
cork of the north heaton moor wine
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Heaton Moor

Cork of the North Heaton Moor

Restaurant - Global

You can probably tell from the pun-tastic name that you don’t need to be a serious grape connoisseur to feel at home in Cork of the North Stockport. Like its sibling in Sale, this wine shop and bar displays a refreshing lack of stuffiness and elitism – and actively welcomes those of us who need a little guidance when it comes to choosing a decent tipple.

One way to decide (and it’s a good way) is to sample a glass in the small bar area before you buy a bottle. They offer a daily changing selection of wine by the glass. A paired cheese and wine flight will introduce to you at least one option you’ll love, if not more.  

They also serve small plates, and platters of cheese, meat and seafood, with artisan sourdough. You can spend a very enjoyable few hours sipping and nibbling in here. Not something you can say of your local supermarket’s wine aisle.

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Cork of the North Heaton Moor, Heaton Moor Road, Stockport, UK
Tel: 0161 442 7111 www.corkofthenorth.co.uk/our-heaton-moor-wine-shop-bar
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