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Detail from inside Darbar, a Persian restaurant in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.
Detail from inside Darbar, a Persian restaurant in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.
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Restaurant - Middle Eastern

From pomegranate and pistachio to saffron and barberries, the authentic flavours of Persian cuisine are promised at this family-run restaurant, whose name means “the royal palace” and whose menu includes “Iranian dishes that we know and love from home”.

Starters such as homemade humus, fried halloumi and mirza or kashk e-bademjoon aubergine, served with freshly baked naan bread, can be enjoyed individually or shared like meze, and salads include the green olive-based zeytoon parvarde and paneer sabzi, with seasonal leaves, feta and walnuts. Mains include healthy dishes such as whole sea bass marinated and cooked over coals and also fresh-in super-juicy flame-grilled meats, such as joojeh chicken on the bone marinated in saffron and lemon juice and shishlik mini lamb chops.

Other typical dishes from Iran include fragrant slow-cooked stews served with saffron steamed basmati rice: fesenjan (chicken with pomegranate sauce and walnuts), ghormeh sabzi (lamb and herbs), gheymeh bademjan (lamb with tomato, yellow split peas and dried lemon) and bamieh (lamb and okra).

But the kebabs could well be the star: freshly marinated for wholesome and delicate flavours, they offer “a delightful taste of Iran straight to your table” and there are plenty to pick from (along with various combinations, each with its own name). Lamb options include the barg skewer, diced chenjeh, herby torsh and minced koobideh; chicken includes grilled diced breast marinated in saffron and lemon juice.

Be sure to have a glass of Persian tea or the refreshing traditional yoghurt drink doogh, and don’t leave without trying the saffron-infused ice cream.

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135 Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8LY, UK
Tel: 0161 832 5383 www.facebook.com/darbar.persian.restaurant
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