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Outside Happy Seasons in Chinatown, Manchester.
Outside Happy Seasons in Chinatown, Manchester.
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Chinatown (Manchester)

Happy Seasons

Restaurant - Chinese

If you need a culinary lift to the spirits, the triple roasted meats at Happy Seasons in Chinatown will do the trick. This trio of char siu, crispy belly pork and roasted duck, served over egg fried rice, is one of the reasons you see queues out of the door at this Cantonese restaurant.

We say one of the reasons because, although the roasted meats is their signature dish, there’s plenty of other options here that have their own fan following. The salt and pepper pork chops for example. Or the tender beef brisket with noodle soup.

With homemade sauces, super-fresh produce, and a magical way with seasonings, this is the place everyone flocks to in Chinatown. No surprises, it’s walk-ins only on weekends and popular times like Lunar New Year.


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