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La Finca Eivissa

Restaurant - Spanish

Grab your glowsticks, we’re going to Ibiza – La Finca Eivissa reckons to bring an authentic taste of the White Isle to Liverpool with its fusion cuisine tapas small plates, plentiful cocktails and create your own sangrias, and colourful finca farm-style three-storey surroundings.

The menu is packed, and helpfully split into veggie and vegan, fish and meat tapas, plus smaller sides, making it easy to navigate. Where things get more complicated is in the global range of the dishes, combining as they do your more authentically Iberian or Balearic flavours – in the likes of patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, Valencian seafood paella, honey-glazed chorizo and albondigas meatballs – with ingredients and techniques from every other corner of the world.  There’s jerk, there’s Thai coconut sauce, there’s katsu. There’s Reggae Reggae, bang bang and piri piri. There’s vegan bao buns with pulled oyster mushrooms and ho sin sauce or quesadillas with buttermilk fried chicken, maple and Sriracha pork belly bites or chip shop taco. It’s inventive and it’s adventurous, and maybe the idea is that the party is as much on your plate and on your palate as it is in the room, especially later on, when everyone’s tried out a couple of the eight or so mojitos on offer.

Desserts include churros, cheesecake and chocolate brownies, and they also head France-wards with crème brûlée and over to Italy with an affogato, although it is made with Licor 43, or Cuarenta y Tres, a Spanish liqueur, so we’ll let them off.

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