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Northern Quarter

Lazy Sundae

Restaurant - Global

Eat in or take out at Northern Quarter ice cream parlour Lazy Sundae, where everything’s peachy, from the shop frontage to the travel-inspired menu, which will transport you East with its bubble teas and Japanese specialities, so good they warrant a “I licked it so it’s mine” neon.

The menu changes regularly, with new additions to match the weather (autumn introduced the mango pomelo and black sesame series) and one-off specials to celebrate launches and bank holidays; the pineapple bao milk tea ice cream sandwich paid homage to classic breakfasts in Hong Kong, while Hong Kong-style French toast (made with in-house thick-cut milk bread) topped with limited-edition Horlicks ice cream, salty butter and condensed milk has snuck in a couple of times already. Ice cream is a big feature of the menu, as scoops, in signature cones (marshmallow fluff, Lucky Charms, Oreo cones) and as floats. The Thai tea ice cream float has a Proustian quality, promising to take travellers right back to the bustling streets of Thailand. Other ice cream flavours include store faves Vietnamese coffee and Earl Grey Biscoff, the bright purple taro, honeydew milk and peach tea sorbet, and there are non-dairy offerings including vegan coconut and vegan matcha. Six or so sundae choices include the matcha berry sundae and the Vietnam vacation-inspired coco for avo sundae. There are also fresh cookies baked every day (including matcha or taro white choc chip) and the now legendary Japanese soufflé pancakes, whipped fluffy clouds topped with cream and fruit: the brown sugar brulee has proved to be a clear winner. Drinks include milkshakes created from the in-house ice cream flavours, fresh milk teas (honey oat oolong is popular in the morning), individually brewed iced teas with fresh fruit and Lucky Charms white hot choc for the colder months.

What’s more, there are dog treats in the form of pup-friendly ice cream on the house when you spend in store and there are plenty of flavours for kids including cereal milk and milo in cereal cones.

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108 Tib Street, Manchester M4 1LR, UK
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