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On the menu at The Banyan Tree Restaurant Manchester
On the menu at The Banyan Tree Restaurant Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

The Banyan Tree

Restaurant - Global

Situated on the Castlefield-Hulme border, The Banyan Tree is a neighbourhood eatery that’s much appreciated by the people living in this slightly disjointed community of apartment blocks and new builds.

It’s a cafe-bar-restaurant – a catch-all place that’ll serve you everything from a takeaway coffee to a three-course dinner to beers on their new terrace.

It was taken over by a new team in the dark days of December 2019, just before lockdown. They held on and reopened serving the kind of food your average hungover, overworked urbanite needs to survive. Namely big breakfast and brunch dishes, quick lunches, and comforting classics for later on.

Go for loaded fries, handmade burgers, and traditional fish and chips – it’s the kind of cafe-bar that satisfies your cravings rather than just your hunger. See their white chocolate French toast for example, or their Banyan Stack buttie, which somehow manages to fit sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, hash brown, and avocado all onto one humble bread roll. 

Independent, family-run, and friendly, it’s a boon for the locals, and good enough to attract people from further afield too.  

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