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Green Quarter

Pot Kettle Black Angel Gardens

Restaurant - Global

Pot Kettle Black is born out of owners Mark Flanagan and Jon Wilkin’s time travelling (and playing rugby professionally) down under, bringing back to the rainy city a sunny vibe along with the Antipodean art of brewing the best coffee and cooking up “vibrant, easy-going food”.

Australians and New Zealanders take their coffee culture seriously, with both the Flat White and the Long Black invented on the other side of the world. The baby sister Pot Kettle Black in Angel Gardens (the OG is in Barton Arcade) should be fair dinkum for a brew, then, and all milk-based coffees are served at 60 to 65 degrees in order to maximise flavour and sweetness. If you would prefer something a little hotter, just ask. Bakes are also not to be trifled with, and Half Dozen Other – the bakehouse bit of PKB and with an outpost in the Mackie Mayor foodhall – are in charge of some flaky wonders. Just look at their before and after Instas of pains au chocolat and try not to lose it. Croissants are stuffed with classic fillings like cheese and ham, or there’s creamy mushroom, or specials such as chilli soy bacon. Of course, you could just have your pastry plain, perfect for dunking in that coffee, and leave the savoury stuff to the regular brunch-into-lunch menu. Here, you’ll find all the eggy delights you fancy, from house-cured espresso and maple ham eggs benny and huevos rancheros to flamenco eggs, baked in a tomato and pepper ragu, or toast-topped poachees with feta and avocado, and, we’re told, “Best enjoyed on a Sunday with a Bloody Mary in hand!” There’s a full English (or full Antipodean, maybe) and there’s a brekkie bun: pork sausage patty, streaky smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, mature Cheddar and sweet red pepper sauce served in a potato brioche bun. For something a little lighter, check the specials: the summery sun-drenched salads include the likes of chicken Caesar with Parmesan panko chicken, crispy poached egg, cos lettuce, bacon and croutons courtesy HDO.

As the day progresses, brews turn into booze, and there are beers, wines and a whole host of cocktails to try, from classics to creations such as the pineapple mojito slushy.

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Angel Street, Manchester M4 4BR, UK
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