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Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool Gin Distillery


Head to Liverpool Gin Distillery to drink gin, make gin, learn about gin and talk about gin.

It produces its very own premier-branded Liverpool Organic Gin on site in a custom-built 600-litre copper still on the ground floor, where you can watch the distillers in action. Aside from the plain version, favourite varieties created here include the rose petal gin and the Valencian orange gin.

The ground floor is also home to their gin bar while in the basement lounge, you’ll find a space devoted to dark spirits from all over the world (think whisky, rum etc, not wandering ghosts). Up on the first floor, you can learn how to distill your own bottle of gin in one of 32 mini copper distillers. Choose from a selection of botanicals, name the gin yourself, and even wax the lid of the bottle.

52, Liverpool Gin Distillery, 54 Castle Street, Liverpool L2 7LQ, UK
Tel: 0151 481 5555 liverpoolgindistillery.com
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