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My Thai Restaurant John Dalton Street Manchester
My Thai Restaurant John Dalton Street Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

My Thai Manchester John Dalton Street

Restaurant - Thai

The clue’s in the name and My Thai serves up dishes inspired by the street food markets of Bangkok – as bright and vibrant as the bunting-adorned decor in Manchester’s original “shack”, the first after the small chain branched out from Leeds, York and Bradford.

“We don’t serve fast food, we serve fresh food as fast as we can!” say the My Thai team, a trio from Yorkshire and Thailand aiming to offer authentic Thai cuisine and informal eating at affordable prices. Cooked to order, just ask if you fancy a bit more spice in your life and the chefs will comply – be warned, though, Thai food is generally quite hot anyway. Sitting beside your pad Thai, chow mein, noodle soups of various types and green, red or yellow curries is the Foodie’s Menu. This is where the fun starts, with ingredients including spicy crispy pork, dried shrimp, salted crab and, er, stinky fish.

The John Dalton Street branch differs from the newer Northern Quarter outlet with the addition of more noodles, including the special pink yen ta fo seafood broth and ba mee moo dang wonton noodles with Chinese five spices and roasted pork.

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