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No 4 Dine and Wine Manchester Sticky Toffee
No 4 Dine and Wine Manchester Sticky Toffee
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No4 Dine & Wine

Restaurant - British

No4 Dine & Wine is a place apart. It is in Manchester but somehow not in Manchester. It is in Didsbury but somehow miles away from the bright lights of Wilmslow Road even if it is just a few footsteps down a cobbled street.

And there we have it. Tucked down a cobbled street, No4 Dine & Wine is a small neighbourhood restaurant that could just as easily be found in The Cotswolds as in M20. It eschews fads and fashions, sticking to what it does best: keeping loyal customers happy with gutsy British cooking and classic dishes.

There is plenty of charm in offerings such as braised featherblade or mushroom and stilton suet pudding and desserts like homemade baked honeycomb and chocolate chip cheesecake are a delight. There is much to be said for knowing your own strengths and making the most of them.

With its cutesy setting and its air of being nestled in some chocolate-box village, it may come as no surprise that the dimensions of No4 Dine & Wine are not much bigger than a chocolate box (a chocolate box with an upstairs) so booking ahead is advised. However, its cosy proportions make it ideal for a romantic date and its tendency towards the traditional also makes it a good place to treat the parents – especially if it’s a special occasion. The wines on offer have been chosen with care and there is a large selection for somewhere so small.

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