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Mossley Hill

Portland Street 358

Restaurant - Global

You can have whatever flavour you fancy, as long as it’s street food flavour – that’s the offer at Portland Street 358. From first thing in the morning to well into the evening, there’s a whole host of breakfast goodies, American diner-inspired scran and mains spanning Asia.

We’ll start there, with the “Asia Street” selection listing veggie or wok-fried chicken, pork and prawn Singapore noodles, Japanese chicken katsu curry, a choice of Malaysian curries, and house dishes teaming sticky chilli sauce with steamed rice and crispy beef, chicken or tofu. The “Salt n Pepper City” section has got to be the business: 10 choices from pork siu mai or tiger prawns to fried halloumi and no meat strips, tossed with stir-fried peppers, onions, chillies, garlic and that all-important salt and pepper seasoning. Coming in Stateside, we have a selection of rubbed and slow-cooked ribs or the Hampton-style crispy chicken wings, both available as small or large portions and both served with whichever sauce catches your eye, from Frank’s Hot to peri peri. Now, if it’s burgers you want, burgers you shall have – but where to start, with four choices of beef, four of bird and a further two of plant-based patties. Sides range from Cajun sweet potato fries to Southern fried hash nuggets… but, wait, you haven’t spotted the pièce de résistance: loaded pizza fries, aka seasoned French fries heaving under the weight of various toppings, including margherita and sloppy chilli Joe. Yup, we know.

We’re not sure you’ll have space (or daily recommended calorie intake allowance) for puds, but here you go anyway: Mars Bar brownie, battered waffles, doughnut sandwich, five flavours of sundae, one with Mint Aero Bubbles. Yup, we know. There’s also cocktails, and all the rest.

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358 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 07483 354915 portlandst.co.uk
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