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a selection of dishes on a table from Rosa's Thai Cafe
a selection of dishes on a table from Rosa's Thai Cafe
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Rosa’s Thai Cafe Manchester

Restaurant - Thai

Starting out in a no-frills East End caff already called Rosa’s, Khao Kho-born Saiphin dished up authentic Thai flavours with a friendly smile to create a relaxed atmosphere, which now extends nationwide. While it’s suggested that Rosa’s food is best enjoyed as a Thai-style meal where dishes are shared, no one will mind if you order just for yourself.

Classics range from chicken satay skewer starters and tom yum soup to Pad Thai and Thailand’s much-loved green curry, Rosa’s style. This comes with a choice of prawns, chicken, beef or vegetables and tofu, as does the egg-fried rice main, while the special red sticky rice is made to founder Saiphin’s bespoke blend of white and wholegrain rice. All dishes can be made gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan on request and there are standalone vegetarian and coeliac-friendly menus – head to the latter for the spicy seafood hot plate, three greens stir-fry and guay tiew pad kee mao, or fiery and fragrant drunken noodles, traditionally eaten at the end of a big night out and “possibly the best hangover cure in the world”.

The dessert choice is limited, but steamed sticky rice with fresh mango, sesame seeds and coconut cream is as pleasant a sweet fullstop as you can get, or order a homemade infusion or one of the many loose leaf teas on offer. There’s also Rosa’s own IPA, Chang lager and Thai whisky, European and South American wines, plus cocktails the likes of Long You Long Time and Appe-Thai-Zing.

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