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Manchester City Centre

Speak In Code

Restaurant - Bar

Finding itself resting in the top 10 of the top 50 cocktail bars in the whole of the UK, Speak In Code – SiC to his friends – makes everything in house and is passionate about flavour exploration, hospitality, oh, and hip hop, which inspires the drinks menu.

This, of course, is called the Subjective Interpretation Of Cocktails, part two. Track 8 sees gin fat washed with sun-dried tomato in oil (it’s blast chilled before the fats are separated from the liquid once the oil solidifies), then mixed with tea lime cordial (a blend of lime juice, pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn, kaffir lime, coriander, bay leaf and turmeric with sugar and Malic acid). This is served with a side of pineapple, red pepper, salt, fresh coriander and coconut yogurt salsa dolloped on a mini papadam. Track 5 involves shiitake-infused Bourbon and sunflower-infused vermouth alongside corn purée and mushroom jerky, made by blending the soaked mushrooms with maple, dark soy, smoked paprika, coconut vinegar and salt, then dehydrating.

Other drinks accompaniments and garnishes include a beetroot polenta chip balanced on a glass and coconut meringue, coral and coconut jellied tuile. All the edibles are plant based, including some larger dishes, from pretender tenders to cauli wings. Think vegan meatballs, aka neatballs, made with mushroom and tofu, plus flavourings of tomato, onion and garlic, cumin, basil and oregano, miso, red wine and vital wheat gluten, served with a marinara sauce, a blob of soured cream and a sprinkling of dukka (pan roasted and crushed pecan, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, panko breadcrumb, parsley, onion and garlic powder, since you’re asking).

Mock duck steamed buns are made with cooked and shredded jackfruit mixed with peas, bok choi, pickled carrot, garlic, onion, hoi sin and toasted sesame, and a soy and maple drizzle; thyme and cranberry flatbread comes with a Moroccan-style hummus topped with paprika, sesame and pumpkin seed.

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7 Jackson's Row, Manchester M2, UK
Tel: 07767 658690 www.speakincodebar.com
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