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Sweet Diner Denton Manchester
Sweet Diner Denton Manchester
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Sweet Diner

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With a moniker like Sweet Diner, you’d think it’d be all about the desserts, right? But take out the 15 milkshakes (including one brilliantly named Straight Outta Denton), and there’s only 40 puds at the last count – the rest of the menu is baskets, buns and big plates of a savoury nature.

So let’s look at it in the traditional order: starters include the likes of chicken wings and tenders, grilled halloumi and onion rings, and lots of fries, from thick-cut steak chips to wedges. We’ve never seen so many choices of cheeseburger, including both tandoori (Bombay, which also comes bunless, if you prefer) and tikka (Kashmiri Zing) versions, although who could resist the Leaning Tower of Geeza? Lamb chops with mash and creamy peppercorn sauce ticks all our comfort food boxes, but the veggie bean “filty” stack with algerienne sauce (sweet and spicy with tomatoes and onions) and mixed herb chips could pip it. The Challenge Platter combines a few of the Sweet Diner’s bestsellers and is suggested as a sharer – or, indeed, as a challenge for one hungry mouth, in which case you might get it for free if you do manage to clean the plate. The little’uns are catered for too – classics include fishfingers and chips, or there’s the likes of popcorn chicken to keep them quiet on the car ride home.

Those desserts? When we checked it out, the menu had the following sections: waffles, crepes, cookie dough and bakes, ice cream, and dip’n’dunk hot chocs and chocolate fondues. Oh, and those milkshakes.

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48 Hyde Road, Denton, Manchester M34 3AG, UK
Tel: 0161 337 8886 www.sweetdiner.co.uk
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