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Some of the gins available at The Cholmondeley Arms
Some of the gins available at The Cholmondeley Arms
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The Cholmondeley Arms

Restaurant - British

The Cholmondeley Arms, or ‘The Chum’ as it’s known, is a country estate pub that’s as welcoming for four-legged furry folks as it is for us mere two-legged types. Both Sawday’s and the Sunday Telegraph have recognised the pub as a top place to stay with your pup.

The Cholmondeley Arms also makes an appearance in the 2022 edition of Harden’s Best Restaurants in the UK. What’s more, its own gin is a medal winner. And now it’s really hit the big time – it’s got a recommendation in Confidential Guides.

The food is locally sourced and the emphasis is on good, old-fashioned British cooking. Sit down to traditional pub and seafood boards piled with scotch eggs, chutney, sausages, scampi, a half pint of prawns and more.

Meat options are particularly good with dishes like pan fried devilled lambs kidneys, slow braised lamb shoulder and oven roasted crispy pork belly with sage and onion croquette. And if that isn’t old-school enough for you, how about a jam roly poly for pudding?

It’s not just about the food, however, magnificent though it is. The drink selection is vast. There’s a port list for goodness sake, not just one dusty bottle behind the bar. There are more gins than any hipster bar in Manchester and if the wine list isn’t good enough for you, try perusing the cellar list as well.

Perhaps it’s as well to book a room and stay over so you can fully appreciate what The Cholmondeley Arms has to offer.

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