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Juicy steak at Pendergast's Steakhouse, a restaurant in Warrington
Juicy steak at Pendergast's Steakhouse, a restaurant in Warrington
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Pendergast’s Steakhouse

Restaurant - British

Pendergast’s Steakhouse offers a less butch take on the traditional macho steakhouse. There are standout cuts of beef but you’ll also find small plates, seafood and lighter mains as well as carefully thought-out dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

The restaurant is friendly and welcoming but smart too. It’s a good choice for a special occasion – not just because of impressive dishes like the Tomahawk and the Chateaubriand. It’s also a place where you can enjoy excellent wine from the Napa Valley to Lebanon, including lesser-known bottles you won’t find anywhere else. The sommelier Wayne is a real asset. Cocktails are good too.

Pendergast’s Steakhouse also does a very fine Sunday lunch with beautiful roast beef sirloin on the bone. There’s a real focus on local ingredients and local suppliers which is apparent in the quality and depth of flavour. Check out the display cabinet too – there are always local delicacies from the menu which are available to take home too.

Whatever day of the week you’re visiting, make sure you leave room for dessert. Dishes like the peach melba choux bun wouldn’t be out of place in a French patisserie, proving Pendergast’s Steakhouse really is a cut above.

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