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The Firehouse

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Found in the former E & A Auto Services garage depot on Swan Street, Firehouse is the sister restaurant to Ramona’s Detroit-style pizzeria. Promoting “Wild. Slow. Days.” the Firehouse is part restaurant, part bar and part performance venue where tables are available to book for dinner and “after dark drinking”. The space is open and airy with a real laid-back feel. White shutters, bleached brick and glitter balls hanging from the high ceiling complete the chilled out party ambience.

The food menu revolves predominantly around its signature Firehouse Chicken charred with peri spices, lemon and sea salt and cooked over flame. The rest is comprised of small plates that serve as wonderful accompaniments to the chicken or can be enjoyed separately. The simply named “Green” is a tumble of broad bean, zucchini, watercress, mint, rocket, ricotta and sunflower seeds. While roasted squash and whipped labneh are served drizzled with honey and pomegranate molasses.

Firehouse Pita should be part of your standard order, as you will want to pile everything (including the chicken) together onto the fluffy house-baked bread and eat like a shawarma wrap – you’ve been warned. All of the side dishes are vegetarian, with some vegan-friendly options too. Including a chargrilled oyster mushroom kabob which comes skewered on top of a vibrant green mojo verde.

Just one pudding on the menu comes in the baked chocolate variety with vanilla ice cream, candied peanuts and salted caramel.

A good selection of wines is somewhat overshadowed by a cocktail menu separated into three sections: Agavé, Sugarcane and Grape.

Picks include the Paloma (El Tequileño Blanco, Two Keys grapefruit soda, celery bitters, lime and a salt rim), a classic caipirinha and a pisco sour. The brave may want to try Firehouse livener shot known as “little bloods” – Sangrita’ El Tequileño Blanco with a booster shot of beetroot, jalepeño, ginger, apple and mint.

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