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Sushi from Hajime Sushi at GPO Food Hall and Bar in Liverpool city centre
Sushi from Hajime Sushi at GPO Food Hall and Bar in Liverpool city centre
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Liverpool City Centre

The GPO Food Market & Bar


Housed in the former General Post Office, the GPO Food Hall and Bar opened as part of the redeveloped the Metquarter shopping centre, back in 2021.

It’s home to around ten or or so kitchens, with a focus on up-and-coming, independent talent. The exact line-up changes as places come and go but at the time of writing, your options include traditional Japanese sushi prepared as you watch by Hajime Sushi; bubble teas from Boba Chai; cookie-dough desserts from Oh My Dough, and buffet-style thali from Little India. There’s also chicken wings, Greek street food, Chinese hot pot, and sloppy burgers. (The GPO now stands for Global Provisions Outlet, appropriately).

You can order everything by app at your table but you might find it easier to speak direct to the vendors. The wifi signal and servers can be stretched a little thin at times.

Drinks come from the GPO Bar and range from cocktails to craft beer in cans to champagne. The marble tables and leather seating give this place a 1950s feel, and when everything is running smoothly, add a touch of glamour to your food hall experience. The pavement terrace overlooking Victoria Street is another draw.

The GPO Food Market & Bar, Victoria Street, Liverpool, UK
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