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Fogo Brazil

Restaurant - South American

All-you-can eat meat with Brazilian pizzazz, served in the traditional South American rodizio-style, that’s Fogo. Fourteen different cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken are spit-roasted over an open flame then brought to your table and carved off the skewer directly onto your plate.

The meats are selected by hand in order to ensure a succulent and mouth-watering result, then flavoured and cooked just so by the team of chefs, before being served one at a time as you eat. Just turn over the stop and go red-and-green card if you need a break. Fogo’s signature steak is the picanha, taken from the top of the rump, lightly seasoned with rock salt and sliced thinly to show churrasco cooking at its best. Another speciality is the alcatra, a special cut of top sirloin that originated in the steakhouses of southern Brazil. The costela beef ribs are rubbed with salt to create a crust, then grilled for several hours. Whole legs of lamb and pork medallions are given the Brazilian treatment, and chicken comes in various guises, from spicy wings to bacon-wrapped breast. The o coxa de frango chicken leg recipe uses a traditional marinade for a flavoursome finish, while chicken hearts marinated in garlic and rock salt then shown the coals are apparently a typical Brazilian and Argentinian barbecue favourite. It’s not just meats that are grilled, either – whole pineapples are skewered and grilled with a pinch of cinnamon. There’s also a salad bar with various hot and cold side dishes, from fresh vegetables to rice and pasta dishes, and from freshly baked bread to a choice of dips and sauces.

Desserts, if you still have space, include cheesecakes, ice cream and the Brazilian classic of passionfruit and pineapple delice. Drinks include cocktails – yes, there’s a pina colada along with a classic caipirinha, “Brazil’s national cocktail served the traditional way”, we’re told, with fresh lime, sugar and cachaca. There are also old and new world wines and Brahma on draught.

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94 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HY, UK
Tel: 0151 709 7177 fogobrazil.co.uk
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