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Five tiny restaurants to squeeze into – if you can

5 years ago

As fans of Michelin star tasting menus might argue, bigger is not always better. Sometimes a perfectly executed, tiny morsel can pack a much bigger culinary punch than a plateful of mediocrity.  Similarly, sometimes the best restaurants are not grandiose chateaus but Lilliputian nooks with queues coiling out of the door – or waiting lists for a table that even Hollywood stars can’t push into (we’re looking at you, Fraiche).

We’ve put together a list of great restaurants with space for 20 or fewer lucky munchers at a time. They are presented here in order of size, starting with the smallest at just 14 seats.

  • A dish served at Yuzu, a Confidential Guides' recommended Japanese restaurant in Manchester's China Town
    Chinatown (Manchester)


    Restaurant - Japanese

    Yuzu is a neighbourhood-style Japanese restaurant offering refreshingly uncomplicated dishes served in Zen-like surroundings. You won’t find a conveyor belt of sushi here, but something altogether more traditional, such as spanking fresh sashimi.

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