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7 zen-like places to practise meditation in Manchester

1 year ago

As our lives get faster and more frantic, our need to slow down gets stronger. Guided meditation was the most searched-for wellness tutorial on YouTube last year, while the meditation app Calm now has over 100 million downloads.

We’re all trying to cultivate a calmer, more focused mind. But what if you want to do that away from screens and apps? (the very things that cause much of our stress and distraction in the first place).

The good news is, you don’t need to go on a two-week silent retreat to the Himalayas to get deep into meditation. There are options right here in Manchester and the variety of approaches and settings will surprise you.

From floatation tanks to monasteries, and from solitary reflection to guided classes, here are seven places to learn meditation in Manchester.


  • Tomas, one of the trainers at BLOK Manchester
    Manchester City Centre

    BLOK Manchester


    BLOK is popular thanks to the variety of classes on offer at its Manchester studios (you can do strength, various forms of yoga, boxing, barre, calisthenics, HIIT, meditation, pilates and more).

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  • One of the floatation pods at Float Level, a holistic therapy in Manchester.
    Book Now Ancoats

    Float Level

    Therapeutic Services

    The benefits of floatation tanks include better mental health, a reduction in aches and pains, and a deep feeling of joy and calm, so it’s not really a surprise that Float Level in Ancoats has become one of Manchester’s favourite spots for holistic healing.

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  • The towering exterior of Gorton Monastery or Manchester Monastery as it's also known

    Gorton Monastery

    Historic Buildings & Sites

    Its proper title is Manchester Monastery but most people in the city know it as Gorton Monastery.

    This Grade II Listed building towers over the surrounding residential streets, acting as a focal point for the eye, and in recent years, for the community too.

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  • The resident teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester Gen Kelsang Lhachog

    Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester

    Clubs & Groups

    Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester, or KMC, is part of a network of centres which promote The New Kadampa Tradition; a school of Buddhism that aims to be accessible within modern-day living.

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  • Three people in the yoga studio at Re:treat at The Lowry Hotel - a spa and gym in Manchester city centre
    Book Now Manchester City Centre

    Re:treat at The Lowry Hotel


    The Lowry Hotel’s spa reopened in November 2022 after a full refurbishment and rebrand. Now known as Re:treat at The Lowry Hotel, it has said goodbye to the clinical, minimalist feel of the old spa, and welcomed in a much warmer, earthier alternative.

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  • A statue of the Buddha at Manchester Buddhist Centre in the Northern Quarter
    Northern Quarter

    Manchester Buddhist Centre

    Therapeutic Services

    Meditation, mindfulness, dhyana, non sleep deep rest, whatever you want to call it, the Buddhists have been practising it for aeons. (And here at Manchester Buddhist Centre in the NQ, since 1996.) So if you want to learn it from the experts, this is a great place to start.

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  • Dancers at Born Free, a sober conscious dance night at The Resonance Centre in Clayton, Manchester

    The Resonance Centre

    Clubs & Groups

    If you’re interested in exploring holistic therapies and alternative ways of treating stress, The Resonance Centre in Clayton is well worth knowing about. 

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