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A different kind of buzz: 4 sober nights out in Manchester

1 year ago

Sober raves, conscious clubbing, drink-free discos – whatever you want to call it, it’s a growing trend in Manchester. More and more of us want the highs of a night out dancing without the lows of the next-day hangover. And if you think that’s an impossibility, you’ve never been to one of the sober nights out in Manchester listed below.

They’re all run by people who know a) how hard it can be to dance without your beer coat on, and b) how to help you get carefree and happy without it. Try it. Turns out, you can have a big night of music and clubbing without booze or drugs.

You’ve nothing to lose and the gains of being alcohol-free (even just for one weekend) are huge.


(Want more ideas for sober things to do in Manchester? Head to our Things to Do pages and start exploring.)

Main image by Luke Donnelly at @tribegaia_events

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