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Crowd at DryWave sober rave
Crowd at DryWave sober rave
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Manchester City Centre


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This registered charity works on a number of projects related to sober and drug-free living, including the massive DryWave sober club nights which happen every few months in Manchester city centre (they’re currently held at Club Vision on Whitworth Street).

Led by DJ and promoter Ben SOS, the nights are all about building endorphins through music, dancing and connection. Expect to hear old skool house and garage and feel-good classics, often with a headline act to top the night off.

There’s alcohol-free mocktails at the bar, ice pops, and party games. (Because you have to make your own fun when you’re not relying on booze or drugs).

There’s an energetic, friendly vibe at these nights that makes you feel like part of a community. Trust us, you’ll have a great time.



Vision Club Manchester, Whitworth Street West, Manchester, UK
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