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Where to catch some rays in Liverpool

Confidentials    2 months ago

With Easter only a few days away, and summer creeping up over the horizon, of course our thoughts have turned to alfresco dining and drinking in Liverpool.

We’ve taken into account factors like kerb appeal and comfort – yes you can sit outside pretty much anywhere nowadays, but who can relax in the sun when they’re being assaulted on all sides by baying crowds of rowdy shoppers?

Confidential Guides is the perfect resource to help you search for the specifics when you’re looking for somewhere to go out to eat. Looking for alfresco, but it has to be Italian? No probs, just tick the boxes next to the filters and you’re good to go.

All our guides are written by us – people who love food and love to go out to eat. We’ve been living and eating in the North of England our whole lives and want everybody to know how great the restaurants are up here. We’ve all struggled to find an outdoor dining spot when we’re blessed with a few days of sunshine, so let this be your Easter weekend warning – it’s going to be a sunny one.

Keep reading for five of our favourite places to catch some rays while the sun is out. Perfect for brunching, lunching and Instagram posing.

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