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Inside Elan Laser Clinic
Inside Elan Laser Clinic
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Hale Barns

Élan Laser Clinics Hale Barns


Élan Laser Clinics in Hale Barns is one of several modern aesthetics clinics under this brand. With its spa-like atmosphere and transparent pricing policy, it’s designed to make luxury beauty treatments and aesthetics more affordable, inclusive and enjoyable.

The clinic treats a range of skincare concerns including acne scarring, rosacea, under-eye wrinkles and blackhead-prone skin. They also specialise in tattoo removal and injectables such as lip and dermal fillers.

Each treatment is preceded by a thorough consultation; the team of therapists and nurse prescribers listen to your issues and suggest the best course of action based on your individual needs.

Élan Laser Clinics UK - Hale Barns, THE SQUARE, The Square, Hale Barns, Altrincham WA15 8ZN, UK
Tel: 0161 850 5481 elanlaserclinics.co.uk
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