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Train CrossFit Manchester


If you’re specifically looking for a CrossFit gym near to Manchester city centre, Train CrossFit Manchester on the edge of Castlefield is one of your best options.

It’s got a reputation for having a real community feel where everyone cheers everyone else on; just what you need when you’re halfway through five sets of 12 deadlifts or attempting your first pull-up on the rings. The coaches are knowledgeable and fully invested in helping you improve.

You don’t have to be a seasoned CrossFitter (or even know what CrossFit is exactly) to feel welcome there. Members range from people who have never set foot in a gym before to experienced CrossFit athletes.

For those who don’t know, CrossFit is a worldwide fitness programme based around sound nutrition and varied, challenging WODs (workouts of the day). Typical exercises include treadmill sprints, burpees, and various weightlifting movements, and they’re practised in a gym called a Box.

CrossFit gyms aren’t cheap and this one is no exception. But it is the kind of gym membership that delivers results. If you want to get ripped or toned or just a whole lot fitter and healthier, a year’s membership here will do that.

They do an introductory offer for £30. Drop-in sessions are £20.


Train CrossFit Manchester, Arundel Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 850 3044 www.trainmanchester.co.uk
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