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Total Ninja bouncy obstacle course
Total Ninja bouncy obstacle course
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Trafford Park

Total Ninja


Total Ninja is part bouncy-castle on steroids, part warrior training ground. The venue is mainly divided into two parts: an inflatable park and a so-called Ninja Academy, both of which are included in the entry price. There is also a free toddler area for under 4s.

The inflatable park is full of bouncy bits, squishy assault courses and slides. It’s more grown up than a kid’s play centre but still largely populated by children running around letting off steam.

You might expect the Ninja Academy to be similarly full of hyped up youngsters at birthday parties (and to an extent it is) but there are also plenty of gym goers doing one-handed pull-ups. It has everything from foam pits and rotating logs to climbing walls and even spider walls.

Perfect for flexing your muscles, falling over in front of your friends and just rampaging around like a mini superhero.

Total Ninja, Tenax Road, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0330 088 2722 totalninja.co.uk
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