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Common Ground


Common Ground is an artisan tea and coffee house for people who know the difference between Aeropress, Batch Brew and V60, and no, they aren’t bands. They also do lattes, for lesser mortals like us, but feel free to have yours with matcha, turmeric or beetroot a la mode. Their hot chocolate is very, very special too. On the side, there are a gorgeous range of cakes including Portuguese Pastel de Nata, American style cinnamon knots or, if you prefer your sweet treats to come with a halo, a raw vegan cake.

Brunch and lunch are on the menu if you’re looking for something more substantial. Everything with attention to detail that takes it above the ordinary. Chia seeds show up in the raspberry jam, avocado and homemade onion relish elevate a breakfast ciabatta, and there is a daily selection of freshly made salads and specials. Like all the best cafes, they also serve alcohol, with plenty of unusual liquor options like black tomato gin and black cow vodka.



20 Shaw's Road, Altrincham WA14 1QU, UK
Tel: 0161 941 6944 Our review Read


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