The interior of Ezra & Gil Peter Street: a coffee shop and brunch place in Manchester city centre.
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Ezra and Gil Peter Street


The opening of Ezra & Gil Peter Street in 2021 was greeted with glee by brunch and coffee hunters this side of the city centre. Like their NQ venue, this new place is well-run and well-thought out, with a menu that suits weekend loungers and grab-and-go office workers. 

It includes a creamy vegan porridge with all the trimmings (berries, nuts, agave syrup and more), and a rotating selection of jaw-stretching sarnies stuffed with things like omelette, pastrami and swiss cheese. Cakes are baked by their chef Annie and there’s a lot to choose from including gluten-free. The coffee menu includes specials such as iced coconut matcha, alongside all the usual options. Tea lovers are well served with 10 loose leaf brews from Bird and Blend.

They have rules on where you can sit with laptops and there’s a 90-minute time limit. It might sound a little rigid but it works: everyone’s happier when they know what’s okay and what’s not.

Like their Hilton Street venue, there’s also cool stuff to buy: tote bags, coffee cups, and so on. Plus groceries including fresh fruit and veg. It’s hard to create a ‘neighbourhood feel’ smack bang in the middle of the city centre, but they’re giving it their best shot.

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49 Peter Street, Manchester, UK
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