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Chocolate chip croissants at Rough Hand Made, a bakery in Liverpool
Chocolate chip croissants at Rough Hand Made, a bakery in Liverpool
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Albert Dock

Rough Hand Made


Rough Hand Made is a gorgeous artisan bakery on Albert Dock. Eat in or take away but get there early because their pastries are beautiful – and as this seems to be a view shared by half of Liverpool, they get snaffled up pretty quickly.

The staff are very friendly – amazing considering how they’re rushed off their feet – and the coffee is very good. With a lot of corporate blandness in the Albert Dock area, it’s great to see a little independent like this doing so well.

There’s a lot of heart and soul that goes into this operation and there’s no sense of production line perfection but every thing baked here is lovely in its own right. And everything is baked here, nothing is brought in.

Watch (and smell) fresh dough turn into golden loaves and flour get magicked into addictively sticky buns in the open theatre-style kitchen. And at then end of the day, any leftovers are given to charity because as the folks at Rough Hand Made know, fresh is best.

Rough Hand Made, Britannia Pavilion, Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AD
Tel: 0151 706 0453 www.roughhandmade.co.uk
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