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Manchester City Centre

Flourish Manchester – Deansgate Square


Split over two levels in one of the retail units at Manchester’s most stylish skyscraper neighbourhood, Flourish Manchester – Deansgate Square is an Instagrammer’s dream.

Think trailing succulents in macrame hanging baskets, cherry blossom branches in big glass vases, and the smell of incense mixed with freshly cut flowers. Upstairs, it has a potting shed feel with a good range of houseplants, ceramic planters, and cute little cacti. While downstairs, you’ll find all manner of cut flowers and pretty foliage, ranging from a single rose for £1.50 to a £60 bouquet.

This is one of three Flourish shops in Manchester (the others are in Didsbury and Chorlton). It’s a homegrown business that began life in the corner of St Ann’s Square and shows no sign of wilting any time soon.

Flourish Manchester - Deansgate Square, Owen Street, Deansgate, Manchester, UK
Tel: 07359 251549 www.flourishmanchester.com
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