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Record and coffee shop, Wax and Beans in Bury, Greater Manchester
Record and coffee shop, Wax and Beans in Bury, Greater Manchester
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Wax and Beans

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Wax and Beans is a vinyl and coffee combo where you can indulge all your passions at once. Affectionately known as Beansies, it’s Bury’s only independent record shop, set in a handsome Grade II listed building right in the middle of town.

Come Record Store Day on Saturday 20 April, it’s the place to pick up your coveted picture discs and special releases if you want to avoid the city centre queues.

The shop has a relaxed vibe which comes from the cafe-cum-shop hybrid operation. Grab a drink and a snack, relax and try some vinyl out on the turntables. It’s a very enjoyable shopping experience.

From retro 90s vinyl to pre-orders and new releases, you’ll find it all at Wax and Beans. As well as getting in all the limited edition coloured vinyl specials, Wax and Beans is a good place for events with regular album signings, stripped back live shows and Q and As with local artists.

Prices are reasonable and you’ll find a wide range instore. It’s mainly vinyl with just a small selection of CDs from local bands. The secondhand stuff changes regularly but you might find treasures such as a Ride LP for £15. New releases include everything from an expanded edition of Elliott Smith’s Either/Or to a remaster of Nico’s Desertshore but you can order anything that’s still being pressed.

Wax and Beans, 16 Market St, Bury BL9 0AJ, UK
Tel: 07793 013808 www.waxandbeans.co.uk
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