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Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank
Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank
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Jodrell Bank


On a clear day, you can see the Lovell Telescope at observatory Jodrell Bank from the top of almost any hill in the region. It’s a physical landmark and a landmark research institute. It’s also a lovely day out.

There’s plenty here to get children and adults absorbed in the wonder of the cosmos with four pavilions to explore, including the stunning First Light Pavilion. This mirrors the shape and scale of the Lovell Telescope but is cut into the hillside. The First Light Café is excellent too.

Other highlights include the clockwork model of the solar system, and the planetarium experience in the domed auditorium. There are also hands-on science exhibits where you can listen to the sound of the big bang. Outside, the whispering dishes are a big hit with children.

Jodrell Bank holds regular events such as talks about the possibility of life on Mars, meet the expert Q & As, and live science shows.

Tickets get you repeat entry all year long and there is more than enough to warrant a return visit.

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