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Inside the synagogue that is part of Manchester Jewish Museum
Inside the synagogue that is part of Manchester Jewish Museum
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Cheetham Hill

Manchester Jewish Museum


Manchester Jewish Museum reopened in 2021 after a £6-million upgrade restored its 1874 synagogue to its former glory, and brought its fascinating collection of artefacts to life. 

Its new multi-media galleries tell Jewish stories framed within the universal themes of Journeys, Communities and Identities. The hope is that they’ll feel relevant to everyone who visits, Jewish and non-Jewish. That goes for the architecture of the new buildings too; it reflects both Islamic design and the Mudejar style of the original synagogue. The result is striking but not out-of-place within this diverse part of Manchester.

Inside you’ll find poignant and powerful exhibits such as a diary written by a Kindertransport refugee girl and film footage of Oswald Mosley marching through Manchester.

The beautifully-restored Sephardi Jewish synagogue is an exhibit in itself. It also acts as a performance space for live events celebrating Jewish arts and music.

The museum is well set up for younger visitors; ask for a Family Pack Rucksack when you go in. School visits are common so go after 2.30pm if you want a quieter experience on weekdays.

Make sure you visit the cafe which serves a modern vegetarian kosher-style menu using local produce and authentic Jewish ingredients. Sample dishes include vegetarian cholent with challah bread, and falafel pita with homemade hummus.

Manchester Jewish Museum, Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 834 9879 www.manchesterjewishmuseum.com
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