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The 5 x 5: Peter Kinsella, Lunya, Manchester and Liverpool

4 years ago
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Five condiments you love

PK – “Santo Domingo Pimenton dulce, Tomato Ketchup, Maldon Salt, Seasoned Pioneers Zahtar, Hendersons Relish.”

Five things you loved to eat as a child

PK – “Aero bars, my mum’s corned beef hash & beans, my mum’s apple strudel, sweet & sour pork, roast ox heart & gravy.”

Five lessons you have learned

PK – “Be honest in your communication, don’t hold back, say what you think (but say in a way that doesn’t hurt and is taken on board), be kind and generous (it always comes back), don’t add truffle to everything (most often it spoils things), try and say yes to most things, don’t worry about things not working, just give it a go (failure isn’t bad), ask for forgiveness rather than permission.”

Five people who have impacted your life

PK – “My wife, Elaine gave me all the encouragement and support to start Lunya; my mum for giving me my enthusiasm and love of food; my dad for teaching me the importance of working hard in whatever you do; Nigella Lawson for giving me some great recipe ideas years ago; Bill Shankly for starting the dynasty of LFC and my lifelong love affair with them.”

Five things you would do with a tin of beans

PK – “On toast; add a teaspoon of curry powder and serve them on a toasted naan bread; mix with cheese and serve a chorizo on top; squirt a little BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey and half a teaspoon of celery salt and serve with pulled pork; serve with home-made corned beef hash to my mother’s recipe.”

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