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The 5 x 5: Steven Smith, The Freemasons at Wiswell

5 years ago
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5 things you should never do/say in a kitchen…

Never throw anybody under the bus, we’re a team.

Never let another member of staff be in the shit

Never say kitchen and front of house – we are one

Never say you’re tired

Never say you have too much work to do.

5 things that always tempt you on a menu…

Foie Gras, any shellfish, turbot, sea urchin, caviar

5 things you would never eat…

Dill is the only thing I don’t like!

5 favourite pieces of kitchen equipment…

The plancher, the thermo mix, chef knife, paco jet, spoon pot.

5 mistakes you have made in the kitchen…

There are too many to narrow down to 5. If you don’t make mistakes you don’t learn – the trick is not to make them twice.

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