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Inside Alcotraz cocktail bar, Manchester
Inside Alcotraz cocktail bar, Manchester
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Alcotraz Manchester: Cell Block Three-Four


Probably one of the strangest cocktail bars in Manchester, Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Four is a speakeasy ‘prison’ that requires you to be cunning in order to get your drinks.

Upon entry you’ll be given an orange jumpsuit and placed into a ‘cell’ with the other convicts you bring along. Successful smugglers who manage to get their chosen liquor behind bars then pass the bottle onto the longest-serving ‘inmates’ who will then craft cocktails for you and your group to enjoy. Be aware that there’s not a set menu (after all, it is prison) and the cocktails made will depend on the spirits you provide.

Those who love escape rooms and immersive experiences will feel at home at Alcotraz. If you’re looking for a quiet cocktail in a romantic setting for a first date, this isn’t it.

Some prison guards are on your side and able to assist with smuggling in contraband – just watch out for The Warden and make sure they don’t catch you.

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