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Exterior of G-A-Y in the Gay Village, Manchester
Exterior of G-A-Y in the Gay Village, Manchester
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Gay Village



Love it or hate it, G-A-Y is a big presence on Canal Street. At busy times there’ll be queues along the cobbles to get in, but getting to the front doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be given entry. (Top tips for getting past the doormen include not being on your own, not being in a huge group of people, and, shock, actually being gay.) All reasonable requests really, though some say they’ve been turned away for more questionable reasons like not being a ‘regular’.

You might be better to head there earlier in the evening when it’s more chilled and relaxed. The terrace catches the sun and is a lovely place to sit and sip in the summer. At night, it’s a club playing pop until 4am. Expect themed party nights, drinks deals and dancing until the small hours.

G-A-Y Manchester, 63 Richmond St, Manchester M1 3WB, UK
Tel: 0161 228 6200 www.instagram.com/gaymanchester
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