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Inside The Philharmonic Dining Rooms
Inside The Philharmonic Dining Rooms
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Georgian Quarter

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms


This impressively ornate pub was built over 120 years ago and stands proudly on the corner of Hope Street.

The building was designed by local architect Walter Thomas and made in the typical gentleman’s club style of that era. It splits off into separate rooms, each more show-stopping than the next, and each decorated with a musical theme to pay homage to the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall that sits just across the road. Famous names including Buddy Holly and Paul McCartney have performed there, so this is a favourite spot for music fans visiting the city.

The food menu is hearty and comforting. Expect well-done pub classics like hand-pulled lamb shank shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips battered in Nicholson’s Pale Ale.


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