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Bubble tea from SipCha in Manchester Arndale.
Bubble tea from SipCha in Manchester Arndale.
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Manchester City Centre

SipCha Manchester Arndale


SipCha, formerly known as Bobo Tea, was one of the first bubble tea cafes to touch down in Manchester.

Serving up eye-catching cups of bubble tea with a multitude of different coloured and flavoured boba (those popping tapioca balls that put the ‘bubble’ in bubble tea), SipCha is still one of the cities most popular cafes for this kind of drink.

The owners spent years researching and travelling in the birthplace of bubble tea – Taiwan. Here, they learned how to make the drink as authentically as possible, whilst adding their own twists to create signature drinks like the galaxy lemonade boba.

SipCha prides itself on using responsibly sourced, quality ingredients. They batch-make their tea and tapioca throughout the day to ensure freshness.

As well as bubble tea, SipCha serve bubble waffles and ice creams with a range of flavours and toppings.

Sipcha, Arndale Centre, Halle Place, Manchester M4 3AQ, UK
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